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The marketing,of property to the wine industry demands more than just listing ,showing and selling activties. Other considerationss are climate, soil or terroir, topography, sun and water,grape hardiness,etc. The sale of a winery is much more complex. Notwithstanding production requirements and capacity, inventory and equipment, there is tile/ownership and who has authority, banking requitrements, intellectual property,compliance,contracts, key employees, and letter of intent to consider..and much nmore.While we at HomeLife City and Valley Realty can provide you with considerable onsite information such as 3D topography, Drone capability, soil probe and water testing etc  who you know makes all the difference between success and groping for information. You will want access to contacts in the Wine Association, the Grape Growers Association, Government grants,financing, research, construction contractors, well drillers,and other winery needs. We thus offer you consulting services.Right from the get go we go get. Nor does the job end when your purchase is complete. Our Associate Gray Reeve will assist you in event marketing in your absence. It all starts with a phone call to 902 690-5570

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