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HOMELIFE REALTY is a Toronto, Canada based franchise real estate company which has offices in North America, Central America, Europe and Asia and engages over 12,000 real esate agents. Its' main franchise in Nova Scotia is HOMELIFE CITY AND VALLEY REALTY which is located in the heartland of the Annapolis Valley and Gaspereau Valley Regoion where grape growing and wineries flourish. It is committed to promoting the growth of the wine industry in Nova Scotia.

 GRAY REEVE, Sales Associate is your  ' Go To  'agent  for matters pertaining to this growth and in particular to providing information regarding land, farms, estates, commercial buildings and wineries in Nova Scotia. He brings to this role over 25 years of real estate experience including several years as a real estate broker. As a member of the Annapolis Valley Vintners Association, Gray has a strong interest in the wine industry. Having also served in a chairperson capacity of the Tourism Industry of Nova Scotia, Festivals and Events,this interest extends to Wine Tourism, public speaking and event marketing, the last of which includes wine tasting promotion. Gray currently serves as Senior Vice President of the Newcomers Club. an association dedicated to greeting Newcomers to the area. In this capacity Gray arranges and introduces guest speakers to the membership and recent arrivals. Thus you will always find a warm welcome waiting for you when you reach out for his assistance.

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